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  1. Billy Elliott

    A lot of Lua errors in my log file

    Hope you don't mind but I had a quick look at your log and see 2 things straight away. 1, keybindings issues they need to be reset and 2, you no longer need the fs19 global company add-on icons mods as the icons have been built into the map now and can be removed.
  2. Billy Elliott

    Tips Clover silage

    Sounds like you may have the MazePlus version installed. This won't work as the maps not MazePlus compatable. You should use the normal version.
  3. Billy Elliott

    Straw me

    Not sure as never used it and maybe by now you've found a place to sell it but most likely the barn sell point
  4. Billy Elliott

    Tips Clover silage

    You can't make clover silage on PV county I don't think it's been set up for the map, you can harvest the clover and get grass that can be used for silage.
  5. Billy Elliott


    In addition, if your running seasons you'll need to produce calf's before cows start producing milk.
  6. Billy Elliott

    Concrete filling trigger on concrete factory

    You just need to take your time and line up properly. It took me a few tries initially but once you get it once you can judge it better. Also there's a concrete truck that can be used instead
  7. Billy Elliott

    Concrete filling trigger on concrete factory

    I think the over all size will be reduced but the spawn areas will stay as they are. Besides I got a 4 trailer long roadtrain through without any issues the other day
  8. Billy Elliott

    cant place power modules

    Also do you own the power company that your trying to place the power module at?
  9. Billy Elliott

    Concrete filling trigger on concrete factory

    Can't see it happening atm but Dave did mention the other day on his twitch stream that he might be changing the concrete factory to a smaller version so it would help out for on servers
  10. Billy Elliott

    Mud on Map

    After watching Dave's stream on twitch over this last weekend the mud might be removed in time, however unless you've edited the mod description there shouldn't be any mud on your map what you might see is just the areas that get affected when its activated that's all. you can if you want to...
  11. Billy Elliott

    Mud on Map

    After the muds been activated you need it to rain before it starts working. The more rain the better.
  12. Billy Elliott


    You need to own the water area around it to be able to use fort Knox
  13. Billy Elliott

    Animal care

    What you could do is use a modded augerwagon to automatically feed your animals the only thing you'll need to keep topped up is water but if your running seasons you can place the water pump next to the water troughs so it keeps a minimal amount at all times.
  14. Billy Elliott

    Tips morgue

    From the shop head east and you'll find a load of buildings among the trees. The morgue is one of the buildings. Happy hunting
  15. Billy Elliott

    Solved County crops

    No but I redownloaded everything and it's all working ty