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    Autonomous Mower for Orchards

    How about an Autonomous Mower to cut the grass in the orchards?
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    Are these the correct files to download?

    Are these the correct downloads for PV County? Downloaded both files, PV County Assets 5.0 and PV County Map 1.5.30. Downloaded only the PV County Mod Pack...
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    Same thing here, I've copied the entire mods folder to another drive. Downloaded all the files, 3 times, and every time I did none of them came up as Below are the links to the pages for each download that I used...
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    Domino Sugar No Power

    I bought the land for Domino Sugar and American Electric to power Domino Sugar. I put generators in all 8 spots to supply power and filled them with fuel. Power is being supplied to the other areas that require power but there is no power at Domino. American Electric is full for power to...
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    I haven't had any problems yet. Make sure you have autodrive version and all latest PV county updates.
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    AutoDrive Black Line Markers

    I have the newest version.
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    AutoDrive Black Line Markers

    I was adding a few more short routes when I noticed this happening. Any ideas why?
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    Bridges Not Completing

    I am assuming the box disappeared on the side you were loading. Check the other side of the bridge and see if the box is there. If so You will have to take the 25k to that end of the bridge. I did the same thing, the trigger and the box disappeared and the bridge never finished. Although the...
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    Mining Issue, Blocked by Stone

    I can't get to the stone to clear it out because the boulders are blocking me, and I can't place any explosives to remove the boulders to get to the stone.
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    Mining Issue, Blocked by Stone

    I have a mining issue in PV County. I bought the land for the mine, blew up the first, second, third, forth and maybe the fifth section. I started to remove the material and at some point accidentally sold the land while purchasing land around it. Repurchased the land and started to blowup the...