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    izak replied to the thread New PV Tools.
    My new PV Tools work very well except it is very very slow. Something like .4Mps. Anybody else got the same problem???
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    izak replied to the thread Dave’s twitch.
    Good morning did you down load PV Tools. that will lead you there and any new updates can be down loaded.
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    izak posted the thread Logistics center in PV County.
    There are no storage in the logistics center container side for the Planters products. Only on the pallets side.
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    izak replied to the thread Logistics pallet side.
    Hi Viper i am on update 36. I use PV Tools to down load directly . Regards
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    izak posted the thread Logistics pallet side in PV County.
    I stored Ham in logistics pallet side and when i spawn it i got Sour cream. What could be wrong. I even empty the Ham and store only one...
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    izak replied to the thread Logistics Center.
    The metal plus containers still not working at the logistics center. Parts and lead etc.
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    izak reviewed the mod PV County Assets.
    5.00 star(s) Good day thanks for the update 5.0. I normally do updates through your pv tools and whatching your videos there as well. That is why i...