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    CAMPBELLS SOUP BUILDABLE FACTORY No visual of what quantity of what bld materials required

    I think that if you press "R" while near the indicator, a menu will pop up and tell you what quantity of resources are required.
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    No TMR Production

    I solved this myself. I don't think I was producing enough power. Added another module and all is good.
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    No TMR Production

    Thought I'd run this by the community before I submitted a bug report. I've built Cargill and completely filled the ingredients to make everything except dog, horse, and donkey food. It's producing all of them except TMR. I have all 3 ingredients and when you look into the mixer the parts are...
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    Refueling issue

    Do you own the land the station is on? You also have to fill the tanks with fuel.
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    I'm pretty sure that isn't necessary anymore.
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    Organized Garage

    You can normally use left alt-R to repair the selected vehicle in the list and its attachments.
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    PMS Recycling

    Not sure demanding repairs of something the developer may not think is broken is the way to get things done. JS
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    Course Play

    I'm using the latest release from their github. Works pretty well, IMO.
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    What do I do with hemp

    It can be sold at the 3 main ports. A great money maker. It is also used later at the Textiles factory.
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    Error with update 13 download?

    I had to leave the stream after a while. Thanks for the link.
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    Error with update 13 download?

    I'm getting this screen when I try to download the main file. I'm always leery of clicking any "download" buttons I don't recognize, so I haven't tried the one on this page.
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    Industrial Complex

    Very nice! I can't wait to get some bridges built and start producing stuff.
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    Industrial Complex

    Update: Everything up and running. Bridges next. Planning on orchards in the strip north of the composter.
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    Is there a update 12 coming?

    Updates are released during the live stream on Saturdays.
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    Industrial Complex

    I don't see myself rebuilding it. I'll make due.