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PV County Map

PV County Map 1.2

-- fixed husbandry food definition for donkey food (pallets should now work)
-- New seasons winter objects and lighting effects
-- Further adjustments to power plants
-- added power sales/power drain
-- Increased pallet capacity for power in all places
-- fixed oil pumps showing through wall
-- linked all galena ore to proper lands
-- linked del electronics to proper land
-- updated price of land at del electronics
-- adjusted pepsi water trigger
updated thru update #9

Map Changes
-- fixed gaps around powerplant doors
-- removed speed cameras
-- added tolls
-- added new products to sellpoints
-- added helper names
-- fixed pallets sticking through wall at glass co
-- added pallet movers to all power plants
-- added custom field mission rewards
-- fixed oil derrick pieces disappearing before empty
-- added 3 fuel dropoff points in desert
-- added fuel dropoff point to shell refinery
-- added caviar to 3 more sellpoints
-- fixed products sticking out the back at Lydias
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-- Added Fort Knox Gold Storage
-- Fixed floating tree
-- Added 5 new easter eggs
-- Adjusted pallet spawn points at PMS
-- Added a grate to each of the storage units to click on for sell off
-- Added new Metals Plus storage building
-- Added icons to store for products that each unit holds
-- Added list of factories that each unit supports
-- Fixed errors in liquid storages
-- Fixed clip distance in farm storage building
-- Fixed graphic issue in liquid storages
-- Added Wideout Snowplow
--Added Fish Food Production
--Added Dole Factory reworked by Wolfie7009
--Updated Lizard Autoloader with new nodes for new storage
--Updated wheelloader shovels to not get stuck in terrain
requires 2.7 of pv assets

change log

Concrete Factory
-- now spawns the correct number of pallets for a single load
-- changed capacities to match new pallet sizes
-- barrier pallet = 5000
-- pavers, block, concrete = 2000
-- Reduced number of visible pallets for better performance
Dairy Barn
-- fixed trigger so liquid trailer will now detect it
-- changed name in shop to large dairy barn
-- moved category to PV Animals section
-- added new icon
Mining Semi Trailer
-- Increased Unload Speed
Volvo Mining Bucket
-- Increased Unload Speed
-- made bucket strappable
quarry silo placeable
-- removed filltype stone
-- increased fillspeed
New Camara Animal Trailer with Fish Nodes
New snow melting factory by wolfie7009
New Liquid storage
New Liquid Farm Storage
New module storage by shywizard
Rytrans Cattle Trailer - Added Fish Nodes
--fixed shovel working width
New - Fish Market!
-- made all Palms cuttable by replacing with cuttable versions
-- added indoor light extension to electronics factory
-- added indoor and outdoor lighting to PMS
-- added indoor and outdoor lighting to copper factory
-- added indoor and outdoor lighting to Black Diamond
-- added indoor and outdoor lighting to Corning Glass
-- added 20 ice fishing spots to lakes for seasons single players
-- added fish to fleigl animal trailers
-- added new fish products to sellpoints
-- added more wave effects to shorlines
-- updated museum for all-time and september
-- fixed and finished boom cheaty bucket in museum
-- updated descriptions of fleigl animal trailers to include animal quantities
-- fixed drilling factory not showing in Global Company Menu
-- fixed misspelling in copper factory description
-- fixed height of seasons iceplane on bog 94
-- moved flour mission point outside of gate
-- removed helicopter from map
-- fixed direct cutter hops warnings
-- adjusted fish food useage for non seasons players
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Updated thru update 6 of the map

Includes a fix for oil rig production since Fridays release. This is not necessary to do until next week if you are not drilling oil and already have Friday's release of update 6

Change log for map and mods thru update 6

fixed del electronics trophy
fixed gov building clip distance
fixed smoke clip distance on coal module
fixed $l10n errors on electronics factory build
fixed 3 floating trees
fixed seasons animal info for perch mispelling
modified - liquid fert make to take 10% less charcoal
modified - dynamic Quarry Storage - price drop to $200,000
fixed - forage harvester now works with hops
added - ability to harvest hops with direct cutter
fixed missing block by doors on power companies
Added new factory for oil derrick and Drill Shaft Production
fixed gc image link to electronics factory logo
fixed gc image link to copper factory logo
Linked Power Companies Together
added battery charging to power companies
Rebalanced Power Plants and factory Production Rates
fixed seasons mask (no more snow in glass factory)
Increased density of mining products x4
fixed shell fuel sound location
Steel factory update
Reduced number of objects and clip distances for better performance
Increased pallet capacity for long pallets to 3000
Increased number of obects spawned to match size of trailer
products capacities changed and balanced
reduced placement clear area
New missions for hops, carrot, onion, peanut, tobacco and lavender

New buildable electronics factory

New additional traffic and vehicle types

fixed a few floating trees

updated in game map

other fixes and small additions
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New seasons textures for bushes and grass.
New seasons visuals when it snows on mountains
Speed cameras installed in some locations
new wave effects on water
- several other tweaks and fixes
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Updated thru the release of Update #3

Added new galena ore
New filltypes of lead, silver, steel plate, steel parts, galena
2 new mission sets Borden Dairy and Lydias Farm Shop
visible border wall removed and replace with a line in the water when you approach the edge of the map
several other fixes
No new save game necessary

If updating from a previous version, you just need the latest assets file and modpack update

2 new factories, Glass and copper production
2 new mission sets for Sam Adams and Heartland Bread
border walls are now translucent to help you avoid running into them
many other minor fixes
This update adds the new government building. Purchasing the property that the government building sits on enables building of all bridges. If you have already started building bridges, it is advised to purchase this property before doing the update!

Also a late fix this morning that added a missing texture and should fix any field manager lua errors (fingers crossed)

- New bridge map in government building that shows which bridges are built
- New trophies in Government building for when factories that are built in to map are completed building
- New numbers on the Icons for forestry and construction factories you when deciding what needs to be built in what order

Fixed over 70+ issues and improved frame rates.

If you are new to PV then get the modpack which will be updated shortly. Users from previous versions just need to download update1 pack which will also be uploaded shortly

Just replace your current files with the new ones. No need to start a new savegame