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PV County Mod Pack

PV County Mod Pack 1.9.6

New Caviar storage
Dole factory update
-- buildable displays
-- buildable lights
-- add lights to dolesign
-- cleaned up root folder moved texture files
-- fixed a few small issues
Liquid storages
-- several changes and fixes
Boat pack
-- fixed error (2 components and only 1 loaded)
-- power modules updated/adjusted production
Farmers Market
-- replaced trash cans with bags
-- increased root vegetable capacity to 500,000 each
-- relabled pallets with actual filltypes
Orchard Remake
-- moved light posts and replaced with out of the way lighting
-- added built in orchard pushing robot
-- cleared main area to make mowing easier
-- add grass to compost barrel
-- changed update interval to 60 minutes
-- fixed clip distance
-- changed update interval to 30 minutes
-- Global Company Icons Update
Liquid Fert Maker
-- Increased pallet capacity to 2000
Fish Hatcheries
-- moved feeding area
-- increased caviar spawn area size
Donkey Enclosure
-- adjusted feeding trough trigger
Fish Food Mixer
-- adjusted production rate
-- adjusted recipe
-- moved to animals category
Boat Pack
-- New liquid tanker ship
-- New Speedboat
New Delmonte Factory
New Fish Food Production!
New Light platforms for buildable, powerable lighting
New Pallet Mover that keeps pallets moving for feed emptying
Dole Factory
-- removed ability to buy products
-- fixed visNode you could pickup vis pallets
-- build menu gui was in CTRL-G gui now been removed from it
Updated through version 1.1.8 of the map
Concrete Factory
-- now spawns the correct number of pallets for a single load
-- changed capacities to match new pallet sizes
-- barrier pallet = 5000
-- pavers, block, concrete = 2000
-- Reduced number of visible pallets for better performance
Dairy Barn
-- fixed trigger so liquid trailer will now detect it
-- changed name in shop to large dairy barn
-- moved category to PV Animals section
-- added new icon
Mining Semi Trailer
-- Increased Unload Speed
Volvo Mining Bucket
-- Increased Unload Speed
-- made bucket strappable
quarry silo placeable
-- removed filltype stone
-- increased fillspeed
New Camara Animal Trailer with Fish Nodes
New snow melting factory by wolfie7009
New Liquid storage
New Liquid Farm Storage
New module storage by shywizard
Rytrans Cattle Trailer - Added Fish Nodes
--fixed shovel working width
New - Fish Market!
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Updated for version 1.1.6 of the map

change log for map and mods

fixed del electronics trophy
fixed gov building clip distance
fixed smoke clip distance on coal module
fixed $l10n errors on electronics factory build
fixed 3 floating trees
fixed seasons animal info for perch mispelling
modified - liquid fert make to take 10% less charcoal
modified - dynamic Quarry Storage - price drop to $200,000
fixed - forage harvester now works with hops
added - ability to harvest hops with direct cutter
fixed missing block by doors on power companies
Added new factory for oil derrick and Drill Shaft Production
fixed gc image link to electronics factory logo
fixed gc image link to copper factory logo
Linked Power Companies Together
added battery charging to power companies
Rebalanced Power Plants and factory Production Rates
fixed seasons mask (no more snow in glass factory)
Increased density of mining products x4
fixed shell fuel sound location
Steel factory update
Reduced number of objects and clip distances for better performance
Increased pallet capacity for long pallets to 3000
Increased number of obects spawned to match size of trailer
products capacities changed and balanced
reduced placement clear area
Updated with all the changes through update 5 of the map
Latest mods with updates and fixes
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Includes all mods thru update #3
Includes all the updated mods from previous updates 1.1 and 1.2
Includes all the updated files from update 1