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PV Tools

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    This update is required for pvtools sync options You may need to uninstall your previous version...

Latest reviews

The tool is the easiest way to keep your PV mods up to date without having to download the mods from the site every time!

The only disadvantage, the tool can only be installed in the current download folder, it would be nice if you could change the path!
Can't get it to work at all. "Application Download did not succeed." Checked the url it points to domain returns 404.
Excellent tool, it is simple but lets me quickly pick another map to play. some nice to haves would be a built in savegame management, I seem to never have enough of those. And this is more for giants, but a way to have a folder with the mods and another that just points to that folder so I don't have so many copies of my favorites. But this is a simple tool that works and I got another fun map to go as well.
Note: when attempting to run the sync update, you may experience an authentication error.
Close the program, reopen it via the shortcut in the start menu, it should offer an update to a newer version, afterwhich it should sync.
I've watched the tutorial by dajnet. still cant get it to work. keeps on telling me it cant be found. i think i find it but still doesnt work, doesnt work for me, wish the best to others
I have spent quite a long time setting up my FS19 mods and maps to be able to use PV tools. But it doesn't save the buttons that I have created. So every time I use PV tools, I have to spend time setting it back up again. It sounds as if this is a common issue with PV tools. If this issue is sorted, I may give PV tools another go. But for now i have uninstalled it.
As Rock GB Store says. Everytime I restart computer, PV tools goes back to empty. I have to direct it again to the folders on other drive.
bonjour cet outil pourrait être bien est il aussi en version française svp.
made me a lot of headache and not recommended at all can easily sync folder with powershell or cmd and use even windows schedules for them i thought maybe i give a try for it will maybe worth it nope it is not sorry...
There is no solution to reroute on another partition For example : D:\Mods\FS19\Mods