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  1. traubman

    logistics storage

    You have to buy it in the shop, under storage. Be aware that the building is expensive and very big. So it takes a lot of space on your land.
  2. traubman

    P.Jevs and AutoLoad

    Next to the door there are 2 buttons, press those and a pusher moves the pallets towards the trailer.
  3. traubman


    Those robots are absolete. Dajnet has not removed them. The robots (pushers) are already installed in the orchards. If you enter the orchard and look on the left side there is a button, that controls the pushers.
  4. traubman

    Ground type

    Not that i know of. Usually you can just match the colours and landscapes by what is already present.
  5. traubman

    Black Diamond

    You could do it with a barge but that would take a heck of a long time because you need to go all the way around on the outside of the map. Then the first dock (up north) is the one that can be used. The second can be used too but there is no road connected to it so you would have to clear the...
  6. traubman

    Pv county

    Wow.... you have a lot of errors. Most of them are caused by what Viper already mentioned; You have the wrong assets file!! It was clearly stated that it has to be PV16Assets. The "old" assets file is no longer used and therefor must be removed. Also i would start removing all the mods that...
  7. traubman

    tgx 26.640

    Okay, so it is not a separate download of a helper tool? I never thought of doing it with other vehicles than a tractor because i believed tractors have the designation "tractor" So as i understand it now that has nothing to do with it?
  8. traubman

    In a Food Tower mod what is the meaning of "inputs" and "outputs"

    It is exactly as it says; INPUT is what goes into the tower and OUTPUT is what comes out. Let`s say you have feedpallets from Cargill and you arrive at a foodtower, then the pallets go into the tower as a sort of storage (input) Then when you need to feed your animals you just spawn a pallet...
  9. traubman

    Container ship

    I don`t use the ship at all but if i am correct it is autoload. And about picking the containers up with a crane, i don`t think that will work because the containers have no attachment (wich is needed for anything to be lifted)
  10. traubman

    tgx 26.640

    I think with trucks that don`t have a "tractor" signature you can not hire a helper. I don`t have Courseplay so i can not say if that should do the trick. it does let you work on the fields but again i am not sure if that works on non tractor vehicles. Autodrive does work on almost all vehicles...
  11. traubman

    points of sale

    True but some sellpoints can not be marked so the flashing icon doesn`t appear in that case. The ones that can be marked have a icon in front of the name.
  12. traubman

    tgx 26.640

    If you mean if you can let a helper drive it then no. The only way to do that is either install Autodrive or Courseplay. Then you can have a automated route to the places you want to drive to.
  13. traubman

    points of sale

    They are on the map but just easy to overlook. Menards is near field 78 Iowes is near field 75 and home depot is near field 87. Use the minimap to navigate.
  14. traubman


    something like this is an option.
  15. traubman

    Trying to modify this mod capacity to 16mil (

    That is not to change the capacity, it is only for the weight. If you have a full load then your vehicle will react different than when it is empty. When you set it to "false" the weight is not updated and your vehicle will react the same with either a full load or empty.
  16. traubman


    Yes the factories you don`t own don`t have to be active. Or else power is wasted to those factories.
  17. traubman


    The solar panels are actually just a extra source in case the power company stops delivering power. So they are not strictly needed. For example if you have the coalmodule and it runs out of coal then the solarpanels take over BUT they do not deliver as much as the modules. Also at the back...
  18. traubman


    In the first shot the "pipeline" is build, as you can see it is nothing more then just some pipes going into the ground. In the second shot the "pipeline" is not build yet and there is a marker where you must bring some materials in order to build it. Now you say all your oil goes into the domes...
  19. traubman

    tips and tricks

    Ok, thusfar i had no conflicts with that mod. But it could be offcourse that it conflicts with another mod Dave used in industries.
  20. traubman


    Yes i was thinking along the same line, because the other domes are not owned yet the riggs that are connected to those domes spawn only barrels in stead of feeding into the dome. That is the only explanation i can think of.