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  1. Mindbender

    Did Dajanet create a similar map as PV County in FS22

    and if so what is it called
  2. Mindbender

    Does anybody know the key commands for the lumberjack mod V2

    I got double alt for super strength but that is it I am trying to remember how to run the chain saw to make trees disappear it has been a while since I used it???? Log file attached
  3. Mindbender

    Sleep Anytime mod does not work with the LShift + z

    Mod is active and I am out of the vehicle but the Left Shift + z does not activate the mod Log attached There is a similar mod called SleepAnywhere this would not be the confusion?
  4. Mindbender

    mod is called JOSKIN Scmitz Cargobull Kipper BUT couldn't find it in my Mod folder

    Tried to empty and place the stones in a certain place BUT couldn't In the Shop the mod is called JOSKIN Scmitz Cargobull Kipper but did a search of my mods folder and nothing turned up and looking on the net the photos are not the same as the one in the Shop
  5. Mindbender

    Light kits how do they work

    Finally got the hand working to install the battery properly so how do they work ; Do they just automatically come on at night or is there any switches to make them brighter , turn them on and off or what? It appears a lot easier to use the mod light packages but I thought Dajanet mod had...
  6. Mindbender

    How do u get rid of the dark(Night)

    real annoying but would like to get rid of the dark but be able to re activate it quickly for installing lights etc
  7. Mindbender

    Trying to find the mod Hardi Rubicon 9000 mod file

    The mod file does not come under any of the above names; can anyone tell me the proper mod file number I assume it starts FS19 but none of the other key words , Hardi, Rubicon or 900 triggers any successful searches I have it because its in the store under all of the above names but can't find...
  8. Mindbender

    What silo can I dump manure into

    I tried the one that says it takes manure but no go mind you its a Challenger Terragator that I am trying to dump manure out of
  9. Mindbender

    How do u modify the Mod Sellpoint 150 to get a wider range of prices for Hay Pellets

    Viper I think u mentioned how to do above but I forget how I got it to include Hay pellets but remain in the low prices By the way I found all the oil well spots and there are 40; it took a lot of work but I did it with your help thanks by the way
  10. Mindbender

    GPS where is it loacated in the store

    looked around but couldn't find where to buy in the store Does it just come on some certain tractors and trucks? and does it interfere with CP or TARDIS mods?
  11. Mindbender

    022-02-19 16:16 Error: No depth map available, but shape 'drivingDust' (emitter1Ref) with material 'fx_smoke01_mat' uses a custom shader which require

    note above; this was what caused all the confusion between u and me (VIPER) LAST time ; U had said that Giants had changed the map file the last time and u found a way to fix it Or at least that is what u said; I had asked for an explanation on how u did it and did not include the log...
  12. Mindbender

    Can u save the "Key Bindings xml folder "

    and replace a corrupt Key Bindings xml folder with the good saved one that u saved or will that work? every now and then I have to reset then put in all the additions in and its lot of work Because of I have a Track ball mouse it frequently causes problems over the hand tool entry
  13. Mindbender

    Does anybody, Viper, know how to fix this one error in my log

    with this notation "Error: No depth map available, but shape 'drivingDust' (emitter1Ref) with material 'fx_smoke01_mat' uses a custom shader which requires reading depth data. Log file attached As I mentioned before butt poorly explained it this is because I laid tiles over those fields that...
  14. Mindbender

    Does anybody know if Giants fixed the Straw Harvest Addon

    so the Pellett sell points now work and if so where do u get the revised mod I have the Sell Point mod for buying pellets but looking for the Straw Harvest Addon one as it has better prices
  15. Mindbender

    Are there exactly 40 oil well spots or just approximately

    40 because I have 37 only and have done a complete search of the desert by land sculpting and I only get 37
  16. Mindbender

    Anyone try the Info Menue Mod

    It appears to work and it loaded but I checked the log and I got an error on it
  17. Mindbender

    Solved How do u increase the capaicty of this mod FS19_JD_DB120.ZIP

    I know about the ending phrase updateMass="false" to take care of the weight but there a numerous capacity slots and I am not getting it quite right something to do with totals between liquid fert and seed capaicties I had this right a while ago but cant find the modified now...
  18. Mindbender

    How do u get rid of the exhaust smoke in the FS19 WARRIOR GRETA EDITION V1.0.0.0 Mod

    It is causing the only error left in the Log with regard to depth problems and is annoying
  19. Mindbender

    Solved Where is M & M MEATS ON THE PV MAP (Meat Slaughter House) I know it is the north but can't find it

    looked over the map but couldn't find it Is there only one ? FOUND IT Is there only the one in the north?