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    Flatbed with Easyautoload

    I figured the probable cause last night. The error comes from when a pallet loads onto the flatbed but does not "lock" to the flatbed. So when you take off the pallets are floating in the air. Then you reload it ("U" key again) and the pallets gets "locked" to the flatbed. German translate: Ich...
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    Multiplayer question

    yes in a way. anyone should be able to unload products into any factory. On my server I built all the factories as a "banker" and everyone pitches in the construction and stocking. Then I split the sold goods price amount among the players. But I have every as contractors so they can access the...
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    The big Warehouse

    i checked the xml for the storage and the sugar factory. All the molasses are spelled correctly. if the main display shows a different spelling, that is only a text display and does not effect the molasses pallets. I can put molasses in my food storage so i am not sure about yours. it could...
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    Flatbed with Easyautoload

    this lua error comes from loading a lumber product. I am not sure exactly which one from cogent it is. We have the same error on our server. I do not think it is a major concern. German = Dieser Lua-Fehler entsteht durch das Laden eines Holzprodukts. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, welches genau es...
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    Animal Enclosures Issue

    the other animals will not for that map. dajnet needs to do a plugin for the other animals to work on other maps. he made the animal mods only to work on his maps that are in the dajnet category.
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    fixed it

    If you get it off github, that is the the site the devs put it on, then yes- you download it - unzip and then rezip. I just name mine I don't usually put the version # because that always changes with their newest update. You could leave in v6 since that means it is for...
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    fixed it

    remove mod: FS19_addon_strawHarvestBonus -> there is a lua error and will cause issues. remove mod: FS19_Fendt_Trisix_V2 -> your courseplay version 385 is having issues with this mod i think. Having excessive lua errors that keep building up will cause map crashes. remove the mod and recheck...
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    PV Warehouses Mod Issues

    correct - do not use/build thernadads storage. Dajnet seperated that building into multiple storage buildings with the same items plus some. When you place a building to be built you can look in the GC menu to see what the inputs and outputs are going to be when the building is constructed.
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    fixed it

    there is no support ticket showing for me. Please copy what you wrote and either message me or post it. thanks. BTW when you want to delete a post that you accidentally posted there is a delete button in your message next to edit. click on that to delete it. I think in the same spot where you...
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    fixed it

    this is a very useless post. Your topic title just says "fixed it" So the $64,000 questions is -> Fixed what?<- Was this a reply to another one of your threads?
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    Picked up 2 trained horses in horse trailer but can't seem to sell them at the Tractor supply

    I see what you were thinking. That horse icon is the horse food pallets. The other animals are their food pallets you get from Cargill Feed company.
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    Not in the default sell points. Some modded fermenters use it for making liquid fertilizer or herbicide. I added the sales of digestate to the Tractor supply company sell point. (in the xml) you could add it to the composter too. (in the xml)
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    Picked up 2 trained horses in horse trailer but can't seem to sell them at the Tractor supply

    here is the list of items that Tractor supply will pay for: click here -> for description scroll down in the link to see the list of items that you can sell there. I never seen anything that said TSC will take trained horses. You can sell horse food there but not the horses. C&M meats (aka the...
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    Picked up 2 trained horses in horse trailer but can't seem to sell them at the Tractor supply

    horses do not go to Tractor supply. All animals to be sold go to the animal dealer. Some animals can go to the butcher (C&M) to make other products needed for campbell's and Lydia's.
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    Can't bet duck down anymore

    those caged pallets are for eggs only. they would not collect down in them.
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    Is there a weight that will fit on the back of a telehandler fork lift

    there was one in FS15 and 17 but I haven't seen one in FS19 yet.
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    i need help with this error

    I don't have any issues the the PV UAL trailers. But I don't have any other UAL scripts except for the timber runner. The only warnings I get is from the GC script when i pick up Dajnets forestry products. I get a nil value. His other finished products, orchards and greenhouses are all clear. I...
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    Can't bet duck down anymore

    are you in the correct animal pallet collector? Every animal pallet collector will show all the different items but only the one that matches your placement will be the one where your products will be available. The diamond in the marker points to the direction of the spawn point. if you have...
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    i need help with this error

    have you updated the easy auto loader mod yet. The latest version is v0.1.1.2. I used to have another autoloader flatbed in my folder before dajnet made his version. When I put his version in my folder I was having errors that were caused by the autoloaders. I kept Dajnet PV19 lizard because...
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    How do we make soap?

    this is what you need click here -> for Lydia's info