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    autodrive & courseplay

    both original modders use github only to post their mods. If you get it from any other site chances are they are not up to date and may have been edited by a wanna be modder. bookmark their 2 sites and check once a month for updates. click here for github - auto drive click here for github -...
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    Logistics Center

    I think the lag is the other way around. I had 4 semi trailers coming out of cargill on 2 trucks and my frame rate dropped to 7fps. Same rate when I went to Farm Storage to load them in. They loaded very slowly until the front trailer emptied and the back trailer emptied as normal. I have i7...
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    Can't Buy or sell land

    please post your log file here so we can see for errors or missing essential files or wrong versions. have you tried a previous savrgame. sometimes savegames gets corrupted.
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    If you did the update 27 then you should have it. Check the PV animals section if you don't see it in the Production section. click here for hive production
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    Opinion needed...

    I have a sawmill 2 and a sawmill 4. You need lots of boards and planks. I have 3 planks factories. Almost all factories needs pallets so start making them as soon as possible and store in cogent. Those should be the only multiple factories you would have to put down. I also have 2 cogent storage...
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    Cargill Food Pallets Issue?

    mediums pallets are 18 to a row - so 2 rows of 18 is 36. Why have a option to do 36 when there is one already.
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    Goat milk buying station

    thanks Utoro666 I just wish I thought of a lot sooner. I am at the the end of this map and just thought of the other day.
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    crops that regrow

    Lokota is correct.
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    Bug Shell Refinery

    some tippers have tip sides. Check your F1 menu and see what options you have. It could be your placement of the shell refinery. Are you referring to the shell refinery on the south island that make diesel, hexane and plastic or the placeable shell refinery that makes diesel only.
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    Cargill Food Pallets Issue?

    I finally remembered to check Cargill animal feed pallets. All pallets can be picked up on the medium pallets selection. I don't know why dajnet changed them to medium. maybe he did it when he double stacked the trailer to set better. Yes there are a couple that can still load in regular pallet...
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    Goat Milk Tank buying station

    Hi everyone. I made a goat milk buying station for those who are on servers and the goat milk doesn't produce. The cost is $0.75 pert Liter. I hope you like it. Click here for the goat milk tank
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    Goat milk buying station

    no problem. I am glad you like it.
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    Does snow interfere with building a factory?

    not playing seasons myself but i would think that the snow will not interfere with a placeable as placeables automatically teraforms the land and paints the new ground textures.
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    Goat milk buying station

    I painted the tank that way so you don't need to comment about the blue paint showing thru. I made it a rustic view like old tanks with paint worn off.
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    Logistics pallet side

    what version of the update are you on. He did an update to the logistics building for update 36
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    Can not buy land

    your mods - Chevelle, Ram and Chevy's have invalid filenames. The file names can not have any spaces in them or else they won't load. you have mods that are duplicate. Any mod name with a (1) you need to remove. Also you have a lot of extracted files in your folder. Any file that does not have a...
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    Can not buy land

    what map are you using. post your log file here so we can see what your issue is.
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    Goat milk buying station

    Hello fellow PV Map players. I am surprised I haven't come up with this a lot sooner but I made a placeable goat milk buying station mainly for those player on a server. It seems that in multiplayer the goatmilk does not get produced. At least on mine it doesn't. You can place this tank...
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    Problem mit Seasons...keine Ernte im Herbst

    Sorry but I don't use seasons. I just seen how it is used on YouTube so I can't really answer to your issue. If it works on other maps ok and not in PV County I would say it has to do with the Geo file. You could have a bad download or conflict of some sort. Versions not playing nice together maybe.
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    Can't Get PV Tools To Work.

    What directory path are you putting your mods and map folder? just start with a folder labeled PV County for instance. That can be anywhere on your hard drive. Next select a button and follow the instructions. It will ask for the path for the map/mods. I don't use the personal mods option for...