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  1. Buck

    Can't bet duck down anymore

    Don't place the empty pallet in the zone, it will make it stop producing. It will make its own pallets and you just collect or store.
  2. Buck

    Begging for frame rates fix on Aurora Textiles Factory

    Please, please turn down the poly down on the Aurora Textiles Factory. You can see it from across the entire map and I come to a complete standstill when nearby. As always, I will be happy to test this or any other changes.
  3. Buck

    i need help with this error

    Yea 1.1.2 And only the DJ Lizard flatbed and the the little DJ utility trailer. The problem is in the autoload script , not the trailers. It conflicts with other running scripts. I've helped way back in the testing of Autoload and AI extensions for 15 & 17 Your guys have built the trailers just...
  4. Buck

    1958 Buick in this video

  5. Buck

    Is there a weight that will fit on the back of a telehandler fork lift

    You'll have find a modded telehandler that will take a weight. I use the three pallet PV utility trailer and super strength which also great for overturned vehicles. (Hey ! I was driving a 100 MPH down gravel roads before most of your fathers were born ! In a 1958 Buick )
  6. Buck

    i need help with this error

    I still say the old autoloader script is buggy . I always get a ton of errors with nothing but the PV trailers.
  7. Buck

    i need help with this error

    Hmmmmm Maybe you found something. Possible conflict between GC and the auto unload script...................
  8. Buck

    Clover issues, growing and harvesting

    Now I've got something similar...speaking of the Devil........... Hemp on defined fields in x4 is not maturing. The AI fields do but the ones I've planted are stuck at last growth stage.
  9. Buck

    What no Sorgum molasses ?

    " Sorghum syrup is made from the green juice of the sorghum plant, which is extracted from the crushed stalks and then heated to steam off the excess water leaving the syrup behind. Conversely, molasses is the by-product of processing sugar cane into sugar. " I was very surprised to see no...
  10. Buck

    PV Duck Egg storage Hut

    I modded GTX's Egg Storage Hut to take Duck Eggs only. I couldn't figure out how to do both. I like to hope you guys would consider making a PV version. One for each, I think the default will work fine for Chickens I can't use the big storage buildings, too big hit on frame rates. I just put the...
  11. Buck

    Clover issues, growing and harvesting

    I've done that on x4 by the lighthouse and it worked fine. I put the sheep pen next to Weaver and wanted a Clover field close by. It worked with no problems.
  12. Buck

    How do u lock the distant view when going to a vehicle rather than the close up view
  13. Buck


    I use the AI extension with the default pulltype Lizard harvester and trailer with increased harvesting speed and capacity. It runs a outside cut perfectly. I just dump the wagon every so often. Like the JD 9000 forage harvester that cuts grass constantly. They make a endless supply of sugarcane...
  14. Buck

    How do these new mining products placeables work and where do u place them

    I had to wreck the landscape with the editor to get them to place. I only did three. The closest coal, gravel and sand to the port in the north on x4. I couldn't get anymore to place at all. I just cheat in the material at the port and deduct the cost form my account. I can't say on x16 I've...
  15. Buck

    Silage bunkers

    I have to go lowpoly and small on everything I do. Global Company Fermenter
  16. Buck

    Silage bunkers

    We need to find / mod / test a PV approved Fermenter
  17. Buck

    JD CP 690 mod

    I was able to find one with Soucy tracks. If you guys want, this could be edited to be like the Case for PV. I use it because I like tracks and it was well edited to have them. I increased harvest speed and a much longer time before maintenance is required.
  18. Buck

    Boom Ba Da Da , Boom Ba Da Da

    When I lived in Tel Aviv we would sing harmony under the bridges at the New Bus Station because of the echo, echo, echo............
  19. Buck

    Manure system

    Please think about it guys. When I was boy on the farm in the 50s I played in the manure a lot and I liked it !!! Of course I'm always available to help / test If the Corona don't get me..........
  20. Buck

    High Capacity Lime Spreader

    I use a mod that decreases saturation.