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  1. Buck

    Begging for frame rates fix on Aurora Textiles Factory

    Please, please turn down the poly down on the Aurora Textiles Factory. You can see it from across the entire map and I come to a complete standstill when nearby. As always, I will be happy to test this or any other changes.
  2. Buck

    1958 Buick in this video

  3. Buck

    What no Sorgum molasses ?

    " Sorghum syrup is made from the green juice of the sorghum plant, which is extracted from the crushed stalks and then heated to steam off the excess water leaving the syrup behind. Conversely, molasses is the by-product of processing sugar cane into sugar. " I was very surprised to see no...
  4. Buck

    PV Duck Egg storage Hut

    I modded GTX's Egg Storage Hut to take Duck Eggs only. I couldn't figure out how to do both. I like to hope you guys would consider making a PV version. One for each, I think the default will work fine for Chickens I can't use the big storage buildings, too big hit on frame rates. I just put the...
  5. Buck

    JD CP 690 mod

    I was able to find one with Soucy tracks. If you guys want, this could be edited to be like the Case for PV. I use it because I like tracks and it was well edited to have them. I increased harvest speed and a much longer time before maintenance is required.
  6. Buck

    Boom Ba Da Da , Boom Ba Da Da

    When I lived in Tel Aviv we would sing harmony under the bridges at the New Bus Station because of the echo, echo, echo............
  7. Buck

    Mine placement, how ?

    How do get the mines to place in the North of the map. All land bought.
  8. Buck

    Chicken Rack Huh ?

    Chickens in a Bullrack, either this is Armageddon or somebody got a good dose of the Corona. (Cluck, cluck, chicken truck from Rooster Poop Ark.) Speaking of Corona back in the day in was twenty five cents a bottle or if ya paid a whole dollar up front you got five. Them were the days.
  9. Buck

    The Last American Cowboys " Bull Haulers "

    In the spring of 1988 we moved 180,000 + head of cattle from central Oklahoma, the panhandle and the Texas panhandle to spring pasture outside of Ft. Laramie, Wyoming. The approximate distance was 550 miles one way making a turn about 1100 miles. You made one turn every 24 hours. Just a small...
  10. Buck

    Memories of Sheetrock

    Hauling that plaster board in game brought back a lot of memories. Back in the mid 1970s I hauled it out of Quanah,Texas The town was named after a very famous American Indian, Quanah Parker
  11. Buck

    Log Generator discussion

    What do you guys think about a buildable log mill next to the tracks. Load on to railcar with autoload and then have a dump trigger on the track next to Central Silo for the regular sawmill. Cutting trees one at a time is the biggest delay and most inefficient step in the entire system. The...
  12. Buck

    Water pump mod

    You youngsters gots me ta thinkin (not stinkin) The slurry pump set with hoses could be modified to do water. Make a simple water pipe connection ( placeable with free water trigger). Hook hose to water pipe, let truck or tractor drive pump and hook other hose to inlet pipe on factory.
  13. Buck

    Thank You

    A message to all involved I'm very old and sick and all the PV stuff is very good and high quality while being low poly Thank you everyone Buck