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Updating your current map from version 1.5 thru 1.7 to V 1.8


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Both FS19_pleasant Valley and Pleasant Valley industries have been updated to version 1.8. This update adds the ability to tip to ground over 20+ filltypes. It also adds silt back into both maps and removes the need for a specialized version of seasons. Please follow these update instructions for current savegames

Step 1: Go into your current save game and remove any piles from the ground that you want to keep. This update will remove any piles you have including straw/grass on fields as well as anything in your bga bunkers.

Step 2: remove any vehicles or other mods from your quarries or they will get buried and you will have to reset them back to the store.

Step 3: Download whichever map you are playing from the modcenter located here on the PV mods website. If you do not want to use seasons then skip to step 6

Step 4: Download seasons from the Giants modhub

Step 5: Download the PV Seasons Geo from our the mod center (will move it to this site soon)

Step 6: start a new save game. If the savegame you want to update uses seasons then make sure you activate seasons. If it does not then do not activate seasons.

Step 7: When the game is done loading click save and exit the game.

Step 8: Browse to where your savegames are stored Usually C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019 and open the savegame you just created

Step 9: copy the terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm and paste it into the savegame you want to update, overwriting the existing one

Step 10: You can now boot up your old savegame. If you are playing with seasons, make sure you have both seasons and the new PV Seasons Geo activated.

Note: If playing on a server. Download the server savegame file and replace the terrain detail height density file then upload the savegame back to the server.