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    dbertok replied to the thread Mods.
    You can get it from the in game mod hub/ farming simulator website, just search milling machine
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    johnnykobeis replied to the thread Welcome!.
    hello everyone i am from beirut/lebanon i liked this map it is my favorites above all maps i played :)) would like to join discord or...
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    johnnykobeis reviewed the mod strawme silo.
    5.00 star(s) thank you i like it so much :))
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    johnnykobeis reacted to boomhower__'s mod strawme silo with Like Like.
    will hold corn stalks, canola straw, soybean straw, from strawme
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    johnnykobeis reacted to boomhower__'s mod Mccain with Like Like.
    make your French fries
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    Lokota replied to the thread Mods.
    not on this site will find on external sites like nexus and
  • Death_Strike_Gaming
    Bear with 1, 600 Tris
    • Bear_Textureing.png
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    rag2000 posted the thread Mods in Mods.
    Hi Everyone. Can anyone tell me how I can find the lizard milling machine for pvc Thanks
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    avenel updated their status.
    bonsoir à tous, j'ai un gros problème à la carte comté a effacer le pack boat et warcraft addon. Merci de moi le faire savoir pourquoi...
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    DJ EEVEE replied to the thread Transporting stones.
    Thank you so much! :))
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    H.C. replied to the thread Transporting stones.
    This thread has the info you need. I've not tried it yet, myself. What to do with the rocks? | PV Community (
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    DJ EEVEE posted the thread Transporting stones in PV County.
    Hi all, anyone knows, how to transport, the stones, that come from the tunnels? Much much appreciated :) Eric
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    punk287 reviewed the mod PV County Mod Pack.
    1.00 star(s) very laggy, freezes on startup menu,not sure if its the way i installed it, but sometimes it works other times it freezes, have sent...
  • Thorn
    Thorn replied to the thread Bee hive production..
    Nope. Success rate is about 50%, and then you have to find a position to pick it up to try again.
  • Thorn
    The partial load needs to be more than 10% of the capacity before the game will offload it. Giants restriction, not anything to do with PV.