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I don't know what happens if I have to start a new profile so that the bridges are not releasing the construction I can't build the bridges on the pv country map can someone help me
bom dia ,alguem me ajuda ,o mod easy autoload is missing ,nao esta aparecento pra mim ,no mapa ,ja desistalei e instalei muitas vezes, quando abro o mapa ,o mod ta la mas quando vou comprar na loja nao tem como pegar
I'm interested in being one of the players on the PV map. I have been playing farming simulator for about 5 years. But never played on multiplayer. I am willing to give a go with you guys on this fantastic map.
Anyone playing seasons what length of season are you playing?
Hi bigtrucker578 , I have been playing without seasons and im thinking of adding it, I have been streaming my game and was wondering what length to choose so it is still entertaining i am debating with myself 6 or 9 days
it just depends on how many days you think youll need ti complete your work each season either 6 or 9 would work well with 6 the factories will produce a little faster
I am playing seasons at 18 days for the first season because all of the building and map awerness but plan on being at 9 days after that if possible
PV map is with most benefit and fun with seasons because it has so many things to do in each season and many things will not give you the most satisfaction without.
We are no longer working on those 2 maps and the new map dose not have trains. I am sorry but that wont happen.
TRAINS - please add a liquid tanker car to the trains - and sell points for all liquids. thanks
I am stuck on something with the factories on PV Industries. I'm play multiplayer and I'm using all eight farms to keep things separate. (more realism I guess). The problem is if farm #1 makes the boards the other farms can't use them to build their factories. It states that Farm #1 owns the boards. It does it with everything. Planks, resin, chipboard etc. Is there a way around this?
Did you try giving contract status to the other farms?
I have to have two people playing. Or that's my guess because i can't find the way you do it.
The only way it will work is if I play single player. You cant use product from one farm and use it on another farm. So if farm one has the wheat and farm 3 owns gold medal flour it wont let farm 1 drop the wheat off because another farm own gold medal flour. Its stupid so I guess I go to single player.
I'm still having problems with the map update when I go and remove the original zip file, it says that the map isn't installed, meanwhile the updated version of the map is in the mods folder
Can i send you my log, it show lua error and will not load after adding loading your AutoDrive_FS19_Pleasant_Valley_County_config file to my new save game.............just spins and will not load.............
Hey Viper What is the location of the new PV County map for download. I thought it would be here on PVMods
sorry i missed your comment here. It is in the FS19 section under PV County
Put the Straw Harvest mod back but Viper said the only possible conflict was over the lua script file that had the word molasses in it so u had told him to remove the word molasses; but not sure from where this file is; can u help. I don't see any conflicts especially with the word molasses but not sure!
sell point for pallets doesn't work for me
Hello. I have just put the placeable coal mine on my PV map. It is working and producing coal but how to I collect the coal from the pile?